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Looking forward to a fun time at PartyBox 360? Recently, there are a lot of ways to destress here in KL! Some go for a wellness retreat, some go for yoga and some go for something like PartyBox. So, what is this PartyBox? Worry not, because today Cik Min will introduce one of Malaysia’s latest fun time spots, PartyBox 360 at LaLaport BBCC KL.

What is it About? | Partybox 360 LaLaport BBCC KL

PartyBox 360, located on the second level of LaLaport BBCC KL, is Malaysia’s inaugural game hub, providing an array of amusements for its guests.

PartyBox 360’s games are crafted with precision and monitored by Game Master to ensure a top-notch customer experience. In addition, PartyBox 360 promises to ensure that its games are properly readied and have a safe and sound environment preserved at all times.

Location: Mitsui Shopping Park LaLaport KL (BBCC) L2-11b, No.2 Jalan Hang Tuah 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: Call | Email

Attractions Provided at PartyBox 360 LaLaport BBCC KL

The attractions provided here at PartyBox 360 are divided into three sections! Without further ado, let’s get into it one by one.

  • 1. Escape Room

If guests seek more intellectual challenges rather than physical ones, the escape room can prove to be a fun challenge! A group of two to seven persons will be locked in a thematic chamber filled with puzzles and enigmas, with a restricted time period to flee. They will be allotted 50 minutes here.

Escape Room rate: RM84 – RM294 per session.
*The price depends on the number of people.

PartyBox 360 Lalaport BBCC
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  • 2. VS Hall

VS Hall, otherwise identified as the versus hall, is Malaysia’s inaugural Running Man concept game hall. With their reasonably priced rates, customers are able to vie with each other.

VS Hall has an impressive number of over 30 games like Air Hockey, Balloon War, and Giant Jenga, just to name several. Thus, making it an ideal space for corporate team-building activities or a great way to spend time with friends and family.

VS Hall rate: RM38 for 1 hour OR RM65 for 2 hours.
*Price published is per pax.

PartyBox 360 Lalaport BBCC
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  • 3. Rage Room

Party360’s Rage Room is the only outlet in Malaysia for letting out one’s anger through destruction. This is a room where patrons may express their resentment through destruction, in a secure atmosphere while playing their beloved music. The highlight here is, the clients are granted the liberty to choose their “weapon” and smash all the things.

P/s: Please note that this entertainment is only available for those who are 18 years old and above.

Rage Room rate: RM60/ session.
*Price published is per pax.

PartyBox 360 Lalaport BBCC
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In conclusion, if you are in need of a haven to destress and relax after an arduous week, Cik Min strongly recommends PartyBox 360 at LaLaport BBCC KL for you to experience an array of interactive games with your kinfolk and colleagues! Do visit them on the platforms below to know more.

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