New MySejahtera System Should Be Implemented

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It is the norm nowadays for Malaysians to have the MySejahtera apps in their phone. It has been going on since the pandemic, 2 years ago. We’ve been through drastic changes in our lives. For instance, the movement control order (MCO), facemask mandates, social distancing, and many more. Malaysian has also taken multiple vaccine shots and a booster. Therefore, Malaysia is now ready to change the current MySejahtera system due to the lack of significant epidemiological value. This is due to the fact that Malaysia is efficiently transitioning into the endemic phase.

New MySejahtera System
Source: TheStar

According to Bandar Kuching MP, Dr Kelvin Yii, Malaysia should convert the current MySejahtera system into a “Green Pass” or Vaccination Passport system. By doing so, people no longer have to go through the hassle of scanning the MySejahtera QR code every time. Take, for instance, the practicality of MySejahtera system in a mall. One has to scan their MySejahtera through every shop they went to. If there is no significant importance to it, concerns and skepticisms will rise among the people. In addition, an upgrade of the current MySejahtera system will contribute to improving Malaysian’s trust on the controversial allegations towards the app’s security.

MySejahtera Security Allegations – New MySejahtera System Is On Its Way

In regard of the of the latest allegation against MySejahtera app, the Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin stated that people can rest assured as the entire application and data inside the app are owned by the government. The court case between the two shareholders of the app, MySj Sdn Bhd and Entomo has no relation to the government. More importantly, the fundamental agreement of the contract between the government and MySj was that the government will own the app and its data.

In addition, the Health Minister stated that as of now, the government is in discussion with MySj to further improve the app’s security and clarify again that the government will always be the owner of the app and its data. If they somehow decline the proposition, the government will certainly not proceed to associate with them.

In conclusion, Malaysians can rest assured that the government is doing its best in securing their MySejahtera data. They are secured properly and used only for the benefit of everyone. It is also important that we do not spread misinformation and ensure that any information regarding the matter comes from credible sources.

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