Cyberjaya: What happened after the pandemic?

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Today at Cerita Malaysia, we are going to share with you 12 things that are currently happening in Cyberjaya, as per tweeted by a Twitter user, Richard Ker.

So what is up with Cyberjaya?

Currently, there has been much development and progression in terms of technology and innovation in the said area. Here are 12 things you need to know:

1. Microsoft is investing and building its US$1B in Data Center Region in Cyberjaya.

2. Turkish Aerospace opened its first engineering & design office in Southeast Asia, here in Malaysia. They are aiming to hire around 100 engineers in 2022.

3. Siemens Energy opened its first Asia Pacific Cyber Security Operations in Cyberjaya.

4. Malaysian founded global tech company Aerodyne Group, a drone solutions provider. They are next-gen drone developers.

5. Deriv, an international online trading services company, acquired the Quill 5 building to expand its operations in the Asian Pacific region.

6. Autonomous vehicle company eMoovIt is currently testing some futuristic pods. The testing for these autonomous vehicles is taking place in Cyberjaya as it is the only city in Malaysia with approved public roads.

7. Tenaga Nasional Berhad and Marii Malaysia have announced that they are working on an interoperability facility for electric vehicles or EVs in Cyber.

8. Affin Bank IT operations center and Razak School of Government are now more accessible.

9. New 5G towers around Cyberjaya were built by Digital Berhad. At the moment, 5G network is available on YES and TM.

10. Huawei Malaysia launched its ICT Knowledge Corridor. It was designed as an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Hub to help Malaysians understand the ICT industry.

11. MRT Malaysia’s two stations in Cyberjaya are nearing completion. They will provide direct connectivity to Kuala Lumpur City Centre once they start operating.

12. Since rapid development is moving towards the South of Klang Valley, the retail sector and food outlets are booming more than ever.

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