Concubine Lane Ipoh Old Town’s Secret Past

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Have you ever heard of Concubine Lane in Ipoh city? Concubine Street in Ipoh’s old town boasts a century’s worth of history. And Cik Min assures you that it’s a fascinating history to read! Without further ado, keep reading to find out more about Ipoh’s Concubine Lane.

The History of Concubine Lane

Concubine Lane goes back to the late 1800s when Ipoh was primarily a tin mining town. Unfortunately, a fire tragedy happened in 1892. When the town was restored, lanes of businesses were added to the new layout. Yao Tet Shin, a well-known mining tycoon, granted three of these lanes to each of his wife and concubines.

Concubine Lane Ipoh
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Concubine Lane, along with Hale Lane and Market Lane, was those lanes. It is alleged that affluent Chinese tin mining tycoons and British officers kept their mistresses here. During the colonial period, British rulers were more concerned with preserving order and overseeing the tin-mining sector, so they turned a blind eye to the activities on Concubine Lane.

As Ipoh developed and modernized; Concubine Lane fell into ruin. Many of the shop-houses were abandoned, and the lanes were dubbed a slum neighborhood. Looking at them now, you’d never believe that these lanes once contained opium and gambling dens!

Is Concubine Lane Worth Visiting?

With a rich history spanning more than 120 years, Concubine Lane is a must-visit destination. The lanes attract foodies, bloggers, and photographers from all over the world because of their street art, pop-up booths, souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants. Concubine Lane was thus declared one of the top Asian tourist destinations in 2016.

In addition, did you know you can get some of Ipoh’s best food right on Concubine Lane? That’s right! Kai Se Hor Fun, Tau Fu Fa, Salted Egg Yolk Puffs, Sat Kek Ma, Heong Peah, and Ipoh White Coffee are all must-tries.

Nonetheless, please be aware that many of the restaurants and food in this neighborhood are not halal. If you’re unsure about their halal status, don’t be shy to ask the locals.

The Best Time to Visit

In Cik Min’s opinion, you should visit Concubine Lane Ipoh during the Chinese New Year season. You will have the opportunity to see the lanes come alive with lanterns and joyful decorations. Their distinctive décor, the roof of colorful umbrellas and lanterns is renowned amongst many travelers.

In addition, some of the shop lots still bear traces of their previous appearance. For example, the second level of the former brothel still resembles its past appearance. If you visit Concubine Lane at night, the glow of the red lanterns will make you feel as if you’re in a red-light district!

Many people make a point of stopping in Ipoh to try some of the city’s excellent cuisine. But, if you’re wondering what else is there to do in Ipoh, be sure to give Concubine Lane a visit!

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