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The 72-hour backpack or also known as Bug Out Bag (BOB) is an emergency kit that all Malaysian can start practising from now on. Responders may be preoccupied with assisting individuals in immediate danger in the event of an emergency. Therefore, this 72-hour backpack will provide sufficient goods to help you and your family to sustain for at least three days!

What items are there in a 72-hour backpack?

72-hour backpack

So here are the things that you can include in this 72-hour backpack:

1. Bottled water & food

At least four litres of water per person each day should be included in the backpack. And food that will last for at least three days and requires little preparation, such as canned or dry food and energy bars.

2. Medication should be prioritized in the 72-hour backpack

Include any prescription drugs you or your family members are currently taking. You would also want to include vitamins and prescriptions to keep you and your family healthy! Also, don’t forget the First Aid Kit that includes:

– Gloves

– Gauze pads

– A variety of bandages

– Antiseptic

– Scissors

– Tweezers

– Needle and thread

– Instant ice packs

– Survival blanket if space allows

3. Wind-up flashlight and radio

Many outdoor stores have flashlight/radio combo devices that can be wound up. If you use a battery-powered flashlight or radio, keep additional batteries on hand and change them once a year!

4. Powerbanks

It’s possible that you’ll be without power for days. Therefore, to have a few power banks charged inside your backpack would be very helpful!

5. Duct tape & whistle

These supplies will help you shelter-in-place. And a whistle will help attract attention if needed.

6. Personal sanitation, warm clothes, blankets or sleeping bags

Consider including moist towelettes, garbage bags and toilet paper. Also, survival blankets are much colder than blankets or sleeping bags. Although you may wish to bring both, survival blankets are not an alternative to real blankets. So, do make sure to bring blankets along.

7. Important documents are a must for your 72-hour backpack

Make a family emergency plan that includes emergency contact information. In your 72-hour package, keep this information and other critical documents such as identification cards or birth certifications. Include digital copies of key documents, music, images, and any other items you wish to save.

8. Cash in small banknotes and coins

Because debit and credit cards may not work in an emergency or if the electricity goes out, you should bring some cash. If you need to use a payphone or a coin-operated laundry facility, the coins will help!

9. Supplies for babies or pets

If necessary, include baby food, diapers, formula, additional clothing, and baby wipes in your kit. If you have a pet, make sure you have a plan in place for your pet’s evacuation, including water, food, and toys.

10. Entertainment

You might want to also provide non-energy-draining activities for kids and adults, such as games, cards, or novels. This will help as a distraction during a disaster.

72-hour backpack: Start now!

72-hour backpack

Cik Min believes some of you may think that the lists are excessive, right? But consider how useful this 72-hour backpack will be when disasters strike unexpectedly in the future. It will be very beneficial not just for you, but also your family! Indeed, to fill up the 72-hour backpack may take some time but just remember this phrase, ‘slowly, but surely.’ All in all, the effort is all that matters! So let’s start filling up our own 72-hour backpack now.

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