Siti Bainun Told Me To Bite Bella’s Tummy – Witness

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One resident from Rumah Bonda told the Sessions Court on April 8th, that she was ordered by Siti Bainun, the welfare home founder, to bite the tummy of a teenager with Down syndrome, Bella.

Siti Bainun gave out nonsensical orders

The resident, Siti Nahar Mahmood, 18, said that she was told to do so because Bella refused to stand in the laundry area of the condominium unit where the welfare home is located.

Enraged with Bella’s refusal to follow her order, Siti Bainun then asked Siti Nahar to get her a syringe containing hot water to spray Bella with.

“I saw Bella squirming but she did not scream in pain… seeing this, Siti Bainun became angrier and ordered me to bite Bella’s tummy,” told Siti Nahar. – BERNAMA

Hashtag #JusticeforBella was trending nationwide

Around late June last year, the story of Bella became nationwide’s attention after a video of her went viral. Zurianty Sudin, known as Mommy, recorded the whole incident when she arrived at the condominium unit and was shocked to see Bella’s condition as though she did not eat.

Mommy questioned why Bella did not eat but she did not say anything. The residents at the time also refused to tell the truth to Mommy, afraid of being scolded by Bonda or Siti Bainun later on.

siti bainun
Bella, before and after the video went viral.

Mommy also noticed that Bella had several injuries near her neck and arms. Bella who was reluctant to speak at first then admitted to being tied up by the residents of Rumah Bonda at one point.

Apart from physical abuse, Bella was also tormented mentally by Bonda. “Bella had always spoken about meeting her friend known as Amshanor but Siti Bainun told Bella that her friend had died by showing the pictures she sought from Google,” said Yasmin, one of the witnesses.

All parties in Bella’s trial to visit the incident location on Wednesday

Yesterday, the court decided that a visit to the welfare home will be held on this Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. The trial will then commence after the visit.

If found guilty, the defendant can be charged under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001, which carries a jail sentence of up to 20 years or a fine of RM 50,000 or both. – BERNAMA

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