Quran Memorization Class for Kids

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As parents, have you ever thought of enrolling your sons or daughters in a Quran memorization class for kids?

Every Muslim parent usually shares the same objective for their kids: they want their children to have the fullest possible life, both in this world and the Hereafter. Teaching one’s children to memorize the words of Allah SWT from the Quran is, without a doubt, the most worthwhile thing a parent can do for their kids.

In this article, Cik Min is going to let you know about an exciting deal provided by iLuvQuran, which is the Quran memorization class for kids.

What you should know about iLuvQuran?

The decision of where to take lessons in Quran memorization class for kids in today’s world might be difficult for parents, especially the new ones.

With the presence of iLuvQuran, it is now possible to fulfill parent objective to give their kids the best education on building a solid foundation of the Quran. iLuvQuran is a platform that provides online Quran courses for children.

Located in Wangsa Melawati, it is convenient for parents to send their kids to the Quran classes. Despite that, we have also operated several other branches across Malaysia. To know more about iLuvQuran, you can check out their story here and watch the videos below.

Who is this Quran memorization class for, and why should you register your kids in this class?

1. This class is designed for children of any age who are interested in learning the basics of tajwid and memorization of the Quran.

2. This course will teach you how to accurately recite the Quran even if you have no basic understanding of the principles of tajwid and the Quran.

3. The classes are on a part-time basis to satisfy the need of most parents, without being required to enroll their children in tahfiz schools to learn the Quran.

4. Engaging children in a manner that is both fun and suitable for their age group via the use of interactive methods.

5. Competent teachers (al-hafiz or hafizah) and beneficial supplementary materials made available to Quran memorization class for kids.

What are some of the packages offered at iLuvQuran?

1. Quranic Junior Al-Hafiz

The images that are shown above are illustrations of how the Quranic Junior Al-Hafiz class is conducted.

Quranic Junior Al-Hafiz is one of the classes that are most in demand there. The method is based on a nurturing and appropriate method of teaching the Quran via experiential education.

This particular class will consist a total of 10 students and 1 Ustaz/Ustazah during a session. It is to keep the sessions manageable and provide opportunities for one-to-one coaching with each student.

This class is only eligible for children from 7 to 12 years old to consider this option. The learning process may be through a variety of video activities, storytelling, and game-based learning. By clicking here, you may check the availability and sign up for class registration.

2. Quranic Seedlings

The pictures above are a few examples of how the Quranic Seedlings class runs.

Quranic Seedlings is a signature class in Quran memorization, with a course that has been properly planned to be relevant to students’ stages of cognitive growth. A session of this given class will include a total of 6 – 8 students and 1 Ustaz/Ustazah, making it a somewhat conducive atmosphere for students.

To participate in Quranic Seedlings, your kids must be at least 5 to 8 years old to be considered for this class. The learning structures comprise 60% of Quran memorization and 40% of surah understanding to meet the goals of Quran memorization class for kids.

You may check the availability of the class and sign up for a registration spot for your kids here.

How to reach iLuvQuran? | Quran Memorization Class for Kids

iLuvQuran is the #1 Quran platform for children and adults! A self-paced learning for all ages and experience. Love Quran, life will never be the same. Fun, Loving, Engaging and Creative Class! To learn more about Quran memorization class for kids, reach out to iLuvQuran’s team here!

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