Preparing for Floods: Guides and Tips

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Preparing for floods is very important. The event of heavy rain that led to flood had affected an over of 125,000 people from Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Johor, Melaka, Negeri Sembilan and Sabah three months ago as stated by the National Disaster Management Agency.

A few days ago, the unfortunate event occurred again in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.  Thousands of people are affected and at least 300 people need to be evacuated to relief centres in Selangor and about 250 people in Kuala Lumpur as well.

These kinds of events come unknowingly and people need to be prepared if it does occur again to prevent accidents. Thus, here are some tips on preparing for floods. Cik Min retrieved this information from Astro Awani.

Why preparation is important?

Making plans at the last minute can be confusing and stressful which is why planning and preparing for flood is crucial. It is important especially if your area is prone to flood.

Some of the reasons why it is important are, that it could help reduce damages to your properties and make sure you did not lose any important documents. Not only that, it is done to make sure that your family are safe and prepared for this situation. So, what can you do in preparing for the flood? Let’s take a look.


Get information on your area to know if it is flood-prone.

Check the drains around the house. If clogged, make sure to clear it up to prevent water from rising.

Find out the location of the flood evacuation centre near you.

Prepare a disaster kit that is enough for the whole family. You can learn more here.

Be alert to rain predictions and water levels. You can access the information from websites by the Meteorological department, portal bencana and Department of Irrigation and Drainage.

Educate your family members on actions that can be taken during an emergency.

Preparing for floods
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Preparing for floods: DURING

Always be on alert for the latest information on floods either on television, radio or any reliable sources.

Move your furniture or appliances to safer or higher spots in the house. ( if possible )

Keep your important documents in a waterproof container. Place it on a higher spot or you can bring it with you.

Turn off all electrical switches and water valves.

After receiving an instruction to move by the authorities, evacuate immediately.

Follow the instructions given and use the designated route for a safe evacuation.

If you are walking, use a stick to make sure that the land you are standing on is safe and firm to prevent accidents.

Watch over your family members, especially children.


Play around in the flood water

Walk through moving water, you could get carried away by the current.

Do not drive through a flood. Either turn back towards a safer route or leave your car if you are stuck.

Do not touch anything that is floating on the water.

Preparing for floods: AFTER

Listen to the latest announcements.

Do not go or return to the flooded area. Wait until instructions are given by the authorities.

Before going into your homes, do an inspection for any damages or any dangerous animals like insects as a safety measure. You can use a stick to move and inspect the items.

● Make sure to wear your shoes.

Inspect the switches, circuits and valves before turning them on.

● Throw away all edibles that are affected by the flood.

Help your neighbours and the disabled (old people, children, people with special needs.)

Inform the authorities of damaged properties.

You can never be too prepared

Indeed, preparing for floods or any other emergency is very important. It will help in keeping you and your loved ones safe. So, make sure to have a plan for these events. Stay safe.

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