Mobile Games in Malaysia – The Most Popular in 2022

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In Malaysia, mobile games are arguably more popular than PC games. This is due to Malaysian culture and its better accessibility – being able to play them with your friends pretty much anywhere. Typically, mobile games are played in public restaurants, especially mamak, or in the comfortable space of your room. So, what’s so exciting about mobile games? Check out the most popular mobile games in Malaysia 2022.

1. PUBG MOBILE – One of The Best Battle Royale Mobile Games in Malaysia!

mobile games in Malaysia

Coming up first, Player Unknown’s Battleground Mobile (PUBGM). For those who are still unfamiliar with the game, PUBGM is a free version of the original PUBG game which was made for PC. The game starts with you and your friends skydiving from an airplane down to the ground alongside, up to 99 other players. Typically, your early objective is to acquire equipment such as weapons, protective gears, and ammo. The goal of the game is to eliminate other players and become the last man standing. Upon surviving, you will acquire the signature slogan of the game “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!”, which indicates that you’ve won the battle royale. You can play the game as a solo, duo, and squad of four members. The playtime duration is typically around 20-30 minutes.

The nature of the game is First Person Shooter (FPS). Therefore, there is a learning curve but the components of the game are very beginners’ friendly. The graphics of the game is realistic and definitely one of the best graphics that exist among mobile games nowadays. That is why PUBGM is listed as one of the best mobile games in Malaysia.


  • Google Play Store: 3.9★ with over 40M reviews, Malaysia #1 top grossing, 500M+ downloads.
  • Apple App Store: 4.2★ with over 160K reviews, Malaysia #3 top grossing.

2. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Best MOBA Mobile Games in Malaysia!

mobile games in Malaysia
Source: Moonton

Coming up next, one of the best MOBA mobile games in Malaysia, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). You can safely assume that whenever you see someone in public ridiculously hyper-focusing on their phone, holding it with both hands horizontally and screaming with passions from time to time with their friends, most likely they are playing MLBB. It is one of the most popular and grossing mobile games. It also falls under the genre of Multiplayer Player Battle Arena (MOBA).

The game is a 5v5 battle between two teams, where each team has to draft their lineups to be balanced in terms of offence and defense. The goal is to crash the opponent’s throne which is located deep inside their respective base. Aside from that, the contents of MLBB are one of the most consistent in both production and quality. The game is free and there is no Pay-to-Win (P2W) element so people can play fairly against each other. The learning curve is relatively hard compared to other game genres. This is due to the high number of heroes to be played, with each of them having distinct skill sets. However, the learning phase of the game is fun so you will be able to enjoy it even as a beginner! We recommend you to play it with your friends to spice up the fun of the game even more.


  • Google Play Store: 4.0★ with over 30M reviews, Malaysia #4 top grossing, 100M+ downloads.
  • Apple App Store: 4.4★ with over 300K reviews, Malaysia #1 top grossing.

3. Garena Free Fire: Heroes Arise – One of the best battle royale mobile games in Malaysia!

Source: Garena

Coming up next, as one of the best battle royale mobile games in Malaysia is the Garena Free Fire: Heroes Arise (FF). The concept of this game is similar to PUBG Mobile, a battle royale game in which you have to survive and fight other players with guns and bombs, and become the last man standing.

There are significant differences between these two games. Unlike PUBG Mobile, a lobby in FF consists of only up to 50 players. There are smaller categories of guns, and the graphic is relatively less realistic in FF. However, FF doesn’t need a high-end mobile phones to run it on the highest quality. Meaning, you can easily reach the 30-60 fps more consistently. The playtime duration is also shorter than PUBG, which is around 10-15 minutes. Other than that, FF has the “characters” element in their game where you get to choose different playable characters with distinct abilities.


  • Google Play Store: 4.2★ with over 105M reviews, Malaysia #3 top grossing, 1B+ downloads.
  • Apple App Store: 4.0★ with over 25K reviews, Malaysia #11 top grossing.

4. eFootball PES 2021 – One of The Best Football Mobile Games in Malaysia!

mobile games in Malaysia
Source: Konami

Who doesn’t love football in Malaysia? If you love football, then eFootball PES 2021 (PES) is one of the must-download mobile games in Malaysia. PES is a mobile football game by Konami. This game has one of the best graphics and arcade gameplay which will give you the best experience of playing football in your mobile phone. According to Kiran, the learning curve of PES is relatively harder compared to other mobile football games and we concur. The movement and playstyle in PES are distinct as to win a match, it requires you to really strategize against the opponent – rather than simply running straight full speed with your highest stat player. The goal of the game, well, to score goals more than your opponent over the 90-minutes (not real-time) duration, which in real life, you can scale it around 5-15 minutes.


  • Google Play Store: 3.6★ with over 8M reviews, Malaysia #3 top grossing, 100M+ downloads.
  • Apple App Store: 3.9★ with over 35K reviews, Malaysia #2 top grossing.

5. Genshin Impact – One of the best MMORPG mobile games in Malaysia!

Source: miHoYo

Last but not least, one of the most popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing games (MMORPG) among mobile games in Malaysia, is the Genshin Impact (GI). GI has the open-world concept with gacha in acquiring characters, which is rare among popular MMORPG. The game was developed by miHoYo, a Chinese studio. To play the game, you start by having control over a party of multiple characters which you can only control one at a time and are able to swap from one character to another accordingly. The combat is in real-time – typical of MMORPG.

This game is originally made for PC but then adapted to mobile platforms. Unlike most mobile games that are adapted from PC games, GI in mobile is identical to the one in PC, meaning that Genshin Impact players are able to crossplay across platforms (PC, PS4, and mobile). Inside the game, players have to utilize a combination of ranged, melee, and elemental attacks against the enemies across the open world and dungeons. The gacha in the game is a huge factor in deciding whether you’re going to enjoy the game or not, also dependent on your patience. You’re going to have a great time playing if you get the higher tier characters in your early pulls. However, over time, the gacha factor will fade away and you will be able to enjoy the game to the fullest.


  • Google Play Store: 4.4★ with over 3M reviews, Malaysia #5 top grossing, 50M+ downloads.
  • Apple App Store: 4.2★ with over 25K reviews, Malaysia #4 top grossing.

So how are the recommendations going? Have you tried them all? If you haven’t, please do so soon. Enjoy!

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