Fire Safety in Public Buildings

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Are you looking for information on fire safety in public buildings? “No one ever thinks it will happen to them – until it does,” Fire could happen in public buildings and it’s crucial for us to know the necessary precautions. Therefore today, let us discuss some fire safety in public buildings!

Mid Valley Megamall Fire: Fire Safety in Public Buildings

Fire Safety in Public Buildings
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On 17 May 2023, a fire broke out at the Mid Valley Megamall shopping complex. The fire reportedly began from a TNB power substation room inside the mall’s compound which led to a power outage at the shopping complex.

Fortunately, no injuries or casualties were reported. According to the fire department, the cause of the Mid Valley fire is believed to be overheated cooling oils.

Fire Safety Tips In Public Places

Fire Safety in Public Buildings
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Reminder: This incident is a cautionary tale. It is necessary for us to know what to do during a fire emergency.

Before you enter

Take a good look. Is the building in a condition that makes you feel secure? Is the main entrance spacious, and does it open outward for an easy exit? Is there anything stored against the building or blocking exits on the outside?

Prepare a communication strategy. Determine who to contact if you are separated from family or friends in an emergency and plan a meeting location to meet up with family or friends if an emergency were to happen.

After you enter

Find exits as soon as possible. When entering a building, make a note of all available exits. Some exits may be in front of you, while others may be behind you. Prepare to use the nearest exit. Remember, the main exit may be inaccessible.

Check for safety systems in place. Are there alternate exits, sprinklers, or smoke detectors?

In the event of an emergency

React swiftly if an alarm sounds, you see smoke or fire, or any other unusual disturbance. Leave the building immediately and in an orderly manner.

Stay out once you’ve escaped. Under no circumstances should you enter a burning building again. Allow trained firefighters to carry out rescue operations.

So, there you have it; bookmark this article for future reference if you ever need a refresher. Stay safe!

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