Final Fantasy XIV – The Future King of MMORPG?

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Relatively, the market for Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) is not as big as the mainstream genres but in games such as World of Warcraft (WoW) and Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV), they have a significant amount of loyal players. Their loyalty is what keeping these games alive because they could be playing it for more than a decade. In other words, MMORPG is not for everyone, but the people that do like it, are enough to sustain the developers to keep on improving the games.

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World of Warcraft Soon To Be Succeeded.

For more than a decade, WoW has been dominating the market for MMORPG consistently and it is not without merits. There are reasons why the players have been loyal with the game. The contents of WoW are simply, well, wow. They kept on adding expansion after expansion, and they are refreshing for the players.

However, according to a WoW veteran, the developer of the game has not been communicating well with their loyal players. Through the past expansions, loyal players have been supporting the developers by getting involved in the betas of the latest expansions to further solidified the expansion before released. Though the beta players have pointed out countless times regarding the problems in the beta, the developer of WoW kept on neglecting the feedbacks and proceed to release their own version.

For many years when this happen, WoW players would actually stop playing for a while; whether as a mean of provocation, or as simple as disappointed with the updates. However, due to the rise of Final Fantasy XIV, it is now alarming for WoW as they can no longer monopolies the market. The risk of them to lose loyal players permanently are now significantly higher.

The Rise of Final Fantasy XIV

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The graphics alone for Final Fantasy XIV, are more modern and up-to-date to the latest technology compared to WoW. This is huge as nowadays, people are becoming more and more keen towards the graphic of the game as it generally makes the game more interesting to play. As for the contents, and one of the best feature of the game, is the story. The stories inside the game are well-written, and the most amazing part is that even the stories on side quests are made of quality. The mechanics of the game are great and generally, the game is more than enough to overtake WoW right now.

Like in any other games, communication between the developer and their players are very important. After all, us players are the key factor of keeping the game alive. So far, Square Enix has been phenomenal on that matter and if they play their cards right, it is very possible for loyal WoW players to migrate to Final Fantasy XIV. We wish the best of luck for both games, because it is a win-win situation for the players if both developers going to start trying very hard to further improve their respective games.

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