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Flood death toll rises in Malaysia up to 46, while five are still missing. Floods affect Malaysia every year during the monsoon season, which runs from November to February, but this year was the worst since 2014.

Death Toll Rises in Malaysia: Selangor and Kuala Lumpur

Credit: Sadiq Sani

Over the last weekend, rivers overflowed due to days of severe rain, flooding cities, blocking off major roadways, and forcing tens of thousands of people to abandon their homes. One of the hardest-hit places has been Selangor, Malaysia’s most densely populated and wealthiest state, which encircles the capital Kuala Lumpur. Many residents of Shah Alam, the state capital, were stranded in their homes for days with no food before being evacuated on boats in a botched rescue attempt.

As more remains were discovered, the death toll rose to 46 persons, according to Inspector General of Police Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani, with most of the fatalities occurring in the states of Selangor and Pahang. “There are still five people missing. We hope they will be found soon,” he told a press conference.

Latest Updates

death toll rises in malaysia
Credit: Berita Harian Online

As of December 25th, he said that 54,532 people were still in more than 300 evacuation centres across seven states, and 68 roads remained closed due to flooding. Work crews used backhoes and lorries to remove items strewn across the streets outside people’s homes, Acryl Sani said as he called for caution because some rivers remained swollen.

“Also, we have mobilised 377 personnel nationwide to prevent house-breaking and car thefts in flood-affected areas. We are doing our best to prevent such crimes from happening,” he added.

Safety First

death toll rises in malaysia
Credit: Sadiq Sani

Cik Min believes, this year’s flood has been one of the worst floods in comparison to previous years. We can see several states and locations that had never been swamped by floods before were likewise paralysed by the constant rain for the past few days. Not to mention the death toll rises in our country, Malaysia. Therefore, Cik Min really wishes that all Malaysians, especially those in the Selangor, Pahang and Kuala Lumpur area can put your own safety and that of your family first. If you have the opportunity to save any important documents, it is also highly recommended. However, keep in mind, lives come first!

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