BIGBANG is back with their latest single “Still Life”

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BIGBANG has finally made its long-awaited comeback on April 5th with the latest music video for their new single “Still Life”. Continue scrolling to know more!

BIGBANG returns after nearly four years

BIGBANG’s back with their latest single, “Still Life” which is a soft rock genre track singing the spring, summer, fall, and winter of their life with each member representing each season. describes their latest single as “a memorable track with an organic and warm band sound that features a timeless melody paired with beautiful lyrics.” It depicts the flow of time as the members reflect on their youth throughout the seasons.

It’s worth noting that G-Dragon and T.O.P are both responsible for composing and writing lyrics for the song. If you haven’t already, check out the music video below! 👇

“Still Life” breaks multiple records within 1 hour of its release

Despite being released at midnight, it ranked #26 on Melon 24Hits and #25 on FLO and became the highest-debuting idol group song and 2nd song after IU’s ‘Celebrity.’ 

In addition, they also broke another record on China’s biggest music platform QQ Music.

QQ Music limits its users to only one purchase of a song per account. Nevertheless, BIGBANG’s Still Life still managed to sell over 1 million within 30 minutes, making it the best-selling song on QQ Music. – ALLKPOP.COM

Here at Cerita Malaysia, we are super hyped with BIGBANG’s latest comeback. They are considered an OG in Malaysia and have garnered massive followings since their debut way back in 2006. We wish them all the best!

bigbang is back
BIGBANG during their 2015 show in KL, Source: Mistah Fong

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