Alternatives to Air Conditioning

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Are you looking for alternatives to air conditioning for staying cool at home? Although Malaysians are accustomed to living in hot and humid tropical weather all year, some of us are finding it increasingly difficult to tolerate relatively high temperatures.

Luckily, there are ways to stay cool at home without having to worry about rising electricity bills. Today, Cik Min will discuss the alternatives to air conditioning for staying cool at home.

Southwest Monsoon Heat

According to the Department of Meteorology Malaysia (MetMalaysia), the hot weather is expected to last until mid-September due to the Southwest monsoon. As a result, the climate will be hot and dry.

This extreme heat has heightened public concern regarding health issues such as hot rashes, heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

Air Conditioner Alternatives

Most people’s first choice for dealing with heat is an air conditioner. However, air conditioning is not only causing high electricity bills, but it is also a contributor to global warming.

Here are a few alternatives to air conditioning for you to cool down your home.

  • 1. Use a humidifier

Humidifiers can help supplement the humidity of the air with its water vapor droplets. It also helps people who have dry skin, allergies, or respiratory issues.

In addition, it is now increasingly available in supermarkets and can be easily purchased through online platforms. Interestingly, fragrances can also be added to create a cozy and fresh atmosphere.

  • 2. Attach a colored window film
Alternatives to Air Conditioning
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Although curtains are a simple and effective way to block sunlight, a dark environment during the day may be less appealing to some people. An alternative option is to glue a colored film to reduce heat from sunlight which allows natural light to pass through.

In general, this window film serves to reflect heat and prevent overheating. A wide variety of films are available on the market that are specifically designed to provide UV ray protection.

  • 3. Labu sayong

Labu Sayong is not just an ornament, it is said that the water stored in the pumpkin is colder and it is delicious to drink from other containers.

Did you know? There is a study made by Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), if we fill the water in this flask and placed it in one corner of the house, it is able to cool the house temperature indirectly.

It occurs due to evaporation on the surface of the pumpkin wall but depends on the thickness of the pumpkin wall and the type of clay used to make it.

So, there you have it, if you ever find yourself in need of alternatives to air conditioning, you’ve found it here.

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